The next step in VOICE innovation

Push voice innovation forward with Swedish Radio

Sandbox is an arena where innovators can meet in order to help push voice innovation forward by exploring, ideating and prototyping together. By enabling and facilitating knowledge exchange, Sandbox wants to build a network of innovators by creating a space where ideas are born, insights are gained, and innovation flourish organically.


Sandbox connects innovators with teams at Swedish Radio by finding an innovation area within the voice field they want to explore together. With support from the Sandbox team, the two parties together decide upon goals and format for the exploration. The purpose of the project is an exchange of knowledge leading to new insights for everyone involved.

Swedish Radio Sandbox is part of the EU-funded MediaRoad Sandbox Hub. Read more about MediaRoad here: 

Examples of areas within VOICE innovation

  • Speech-to-text

  • Voice assistants / Smart speakers

  • Voice User Interface Design


About Swedish Radio 

Swedish Radio is the non-commercial and independent radio with the task of making qualitative programmes of all kinds for all of Sweden’s population. Everyday close to five million people listen to our FM channels and digital platforms. As a natural part of our mission to the public, we engage in innovation in the audio field. Swedish Radio Sandbox is part of the promotion of this development.